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Best practice resources funded by the
Australian Government Department of Health.


  • Check that your travel insurance is appropriate for your health needs.

  • Before you travel, check the airline policy about food allergies, especially for international travel. 

  • Carry with you:

    • 2 adrenaline (epinephrine) injectors,

    • ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis

    • ASCIA Travel Plan


Plane seat pocket
  • Make sure they are in reach at all times especially your adrenaline autoinjector.
    For example, in the seat pocket in front of you, or in your bag under the seat in front.
  • Do not put your adrenaline injectors into checked luggage or overhead storage.

  • If possible, carry your own food for the trip.

  • If you are flying, wipe down tray tables with wet wipes when you board the plane to remove allergens that may have been left behind.

  • Some airlines have food exclusion zones as part of their management policy, but airline staff cannot control food other passengers bring on board.

More information and resources for travelling with food allergies is available from:

Content created April 2024