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If your colleague has a food allergy

  • Talk to the person with an allergy.

  • Be respectful. They may not wish to talk to you about their allergy. If they are, take note of:

    • what they are allergic to.

    • how to recognise when they are having an allergic reaction (including anaphylaxis).

    • how you can help them if they have an allergic reaction - including where they keep their medication and how to give adrenaline.

  • You may like to do the free ASCIA etraining course for first aid for anaphylaxis 

  • If you sense negativity in the workplace about your colleague’s food allergy, educate other colleagues by sharing some of the resources on this website.

  • Be mindful of food you bring into the workplace. If you do bring in food they are allergic to, eat away from the person. Clean the area and wash your hands thoroughly after eating.

  • Don’t eat food at shared workspaces, desks or cars.

  • If you are organising catering for a work meeting or work function, find out if any colleagues have a food allergy. Talk with the person with the allergy and the caterer to plan what food will be suitable for them.

  • If you bring food in from home to share, be aware of what allergens are in the food you are bringing.

This poster provides key information about food allergy and what you can do if someone is having an allergic reaction. You can put it up for other colleagues to see.

pdfNAC Workplace Catering Poster515.77 KB

Further information about managing food allergy in the workplace is available from Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia.


Workplace Catering Poster   Workplace Catering Checklist

Content created May 2024.